Strong demand continues in 2021

By Chris Thomson FNAEA MARLA
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After having been selling homes in Doncaster for over 25 years, the market has never been anything apart from interesting! Gone are the days of steady 'ticking over' markets, and consistent inflationary price rises. The effects of the pandemic has created further interest , with a suprising amount of confidence, which has continued into 2021. 
Most active, have been the lower to middle end sales, with a high level of first time buyers and investors, seemingly confident of investing in what is an already over heated market. The imminent budget will see how long this continues, but with help for first time buyers, in the form of Government assistance for deposits (up to 95% loans should become available) the market will continue to see steady growth and sustained demand. 
The higher end sales have been slower this year, mainly due to uncertainty on the future of Stamp Duty, but as this becomes clear, I would expect this part of the market to re awaken.
With supply quickly diminishing, and interest rates remaining low, there is little prospect of a downturn, and in spite of economic uncertainty, I would expect to see a sustained, strong market continuing throughout 2021.

Chris Thomson

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Chris joined Robinson Hornsby in 1999 as Sales Director, subsequently becoming Managing Director in 2004. Having worked in the business since 1986, Chris has experienced every possible type of mark...
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