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May 2020 saw almost 4 in 10 people being more inclined to pick a rural or suburban location for their new home according to a survey conducted by Savills Estate Agency.


Fast forward to 13 months later, even though the Stamp Duty Land Tax deadline is approaching, the rural and suburban locations are still just as popular.


In January 2021, Rightmove found that there had been a 65% increase in the number of buyers looking for a village lifestyle compared to 2020. The notable change in behaviour has been as a result of the pandemic restrictions. People are now assessing their current homes in favour of a rural location which gives them access to more outdoor space.


Savill’s research analysis, Frances Clacy, explains the reason behind this increase in demand: “Well-connected village locations, ideal for those who can split their working week between home and office, are likely to be in particular demand,”

Clacy then explains further: “Buyers will look to move to well-connected towns and villages which have sufficient amenities to allow them to work from home more often,

Additionally, accepting a longer commute will become easier if they’re going to be travelling less and working from home more frequently, as our survey suggests many expect to do post lockdown.”


A survey of 2000 house buyers, conducted by broadband provider Zen Internet, discovered that working from home and more outdoor space is driving the desire to move homes. The top 10 reasons behind wanting to move home included the need for more space (29%), a larger garden (19%) as well as being in a close proximity away from friends and family (14%).


Georgina Lord, Managing Director from Zen says: “It is clear that the pandemic has prompted a real shift in what people want from their homes. The research uncovered a strong sense of people craving community, open space and being near loved ones, whilst the changes to many people’s work set up was clear to see too.

“For many the past 12 months has seen a huge step change in the way we work and with employers now fully adapted to this remote way of working, it is likely that long term home working will be a way of life for years to come”


Nick Leeming, Chairman of Jackson-Stops believes that “lifestyle re-evaluations” have taken place which has led to an increase in demand for rural and suburban neighbourhoods.

"We're still seeing people head to countryside hotspots in their masses ... Towns and villages which were once out of reach to five-day-a-week commuters, not present realistic options for hybrid or remote workers."


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