Boxing Day Boost

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Agents across the UK have returned to work after the festive period with many in the property industry expecting a quiet period. However, did we see a boost in property listings on Boxing Day?

The boost in listings on Boxing Day is recommended by portals because many sellers and buyers find themselves to bored of the Christmas celebrations, which  potentially means that they would distract themselves by browsing property listings online.

Many potential home buyers could realise over the Christmas period how much more or less space they need after having their families around.

In 2021, a mainstream property search website received just over 3 million visits to its website on Boxing Day alone. This was an increase of 21% compared to the previous year.

Gindy Mathoon, founder and senior broker at Create Finance said: "One reason to explain why properties are likely put on the market on Boxing Day is probably due to immediate aftermath of homeowners realising how much they have spent on the lead up until Christmas Day and also them wanting to reset their finances going into the new year."

"This combined with the fact that listing your property can help to push it to the top of the listings on sites like Rightmove means that Boxing Day really is a bumper time to give yourself the gift of a successful sale."

Figures released by another property portal showed that agents put 11,613 new listings live on Boxing Day in 2022.

Compared to Boxing Day in 2021, this is a 42% increase and almost five times the average number of new listings across other bank holidays of 2022.

The England regions which saw with the largest Boxing Day increase in listings were the South East, East, London, South West and the East Midlands.

In the upcoming weeks, predictions for the 2023 market will be revealed.

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